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Tallér János

Taller Furniture was founded by Janos Taller in 1953, “Diamond Crowned”Master Carpenter. Now days he’s following closely all proceedings asretired, however his perfectionist intuition pervades the entire furniturecreation. The Master has passed on all his knowledge, sense of beautyand aspiration towards perfection to the next generations. Presently, hisgrandsons, Gabor and Istvan are heading the Furniture Shop, guardingthe scale of values and commitment towards noble wood and flawlessprocessing.

The Furniture Shop’s professional knowledge is based upon years oftrade experience of our Masters. We’re creating furniture representingtraditional values; however modern forms are close to us as well. Wemake special efforts selecting the optimal material for each and everyfurniture piece and inspiring clients to do the same. We’re pleased tocombine modern forms with stones and sheets of glass. The initiation ofnew materials widens the artistic possibilities and allocates comfortableusage of the furniture.

The furniture we’re creating is pride for their owners for generationselevating the elegance of collective areas, serving the comfort of familymembers and friends.

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